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Coca Cola ZERO Lemon

Coca‑Cola Launches Zesty Lemon Flavour

Coca-Cola Lemon Zero Sugar & Original Taste are available now at major retailers nationwide. So, next time you're craving a refreshing drink with a zesty surprise, grab a Coca-Cola Lemon. It's a delicious reminder that Coca-Cola is a brand that never stops innovating, always seeking new ways to delight your taste buds with a sip of happiness.
Sugar Tax

Coke Price Set To Increase With Sugar Tax

Coke Price Set To Increase With Sugar Tax. Friday the 6th of April the new "sugar tax" comes into force. This tax will see the cost of some of the nations favourite soft drinks rocketing in price. There are two categories that will come into force.
Coca Cola First Taste Mr Hadley

Mr Hadley First Taste

Coca-Cola Great Britain is bringing back a renewed version of the heart-warming, iconic advert for Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, First Taste featuring Mr Hadley. The new Coca-Cola Zero Sugar TV commercial, launching next . . .